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Family owned business. Fresh foods that will have you coming back.

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Greek & Mediterranean




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(346) 422 -4772

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11:00AM - 7:30PM
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Family Pack for 5 (Main Dishes)


Feeds Family of 5 Includes: 1 pound choice of meat, pita, rice pilaf, Greek salad, and tzatziki sauce.

Gyro (Maine Dishes)


Warm pita wrapped around choice of meat: Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Veggie with tomatoes and red onions topped off with tzatziki sauce.

Gyro Basket (Main Dishes)


Gyro with a choice of fries (or rice).

Gyro Plate (Main Dishes)


1 pita cut, choice of meat, tzatziki, hummus, and a choice of 1 side (fries, rice or salad).

Dinner Plate (Main Dishes)


2 Pita topped with 1/2 lb choice of meat and tzatziki sauce. With grilled tomatoes and peppers on top.

Make Your Own Plate (Main Dishes)


Half pound choice of meat (choose only one type of protein), 2 pita, tzatziki, and a choice of 2 sides.

One Lamb Shank (Main Dishes)


One lamb shank only.

Lamb Shank with Rice & Potatoes (Main Dishes)


Lamb shank with a side of rice and lemon potatoes. Comes with 2 tzatziki sauce.

Chicken Kabob (Main Dishes)


1 Grilled seasoned chicken on a skewer.

Bifteki Kebob (Main Dishes)


1 Grilled seasoned ground beef on a skewer.

Pita Chicken Kabob (Main Dishes)


2 chicken skewers placed on top of a warm pita with crispy tomatoes, red onions, and tzatziki sauce.

Pita Bifteki Kabob (Main Dishes)


2 Bifteki skewers placed on top of a warm pita with crisp tomatoes, red onions, and tzatziki sauce.

Chicken Kabob with Rice (Main Dishes)


2 Skewers of chicken kabob served over rice pilaf. Comes with a side of tzatziki sauce.

Bifteki Kabob with Rice (Main Dishes)


2 Skewers of bifteki kabob served over rice pilaf. Comes with a tzatziki sauce.

Panini (Main Dishes)


Toasted bread with a choice of meat: Chicken, Lamb, Beef w/ American cheese, onion, tomato, lettuce, and tzatziki sauce.

Pastitsio (Main Dishes)


Baked Pasta dish with ground beef sauce and bechamel sauce.

Mousakka (Main Dishes)


Layers of eggplant and potato slices, cheese, and meat sauce topped with a thick bechamel sauce.

Fasolada (Main Dishes)


Greek soup with beans.

Lentil Soup (Main Dishes)


16oz container of Lentil Soup.






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